Diseased Pariah News #3

In This Issue:

  • Page Two Boy: Tom Ace
  • Cranky Words: Darn! One of Our Editors is Dead!
  • The Golden Pariah Award
  • Memoirs of a Working Boy by Scott O’Hara
  • A Dream by John Wagenhauser
  • 18 Things That Turn Our Stomachs Worse Than AZT
  • Condom Corner: Special Report — A Lube for All Reasons
  • Get Fat! Don’t Die! Biffy Mae battles Thrush
  • Zen and the Art of Teddy Bear Burning
  • My Mother is a Channel for John Sununu by Eric Ward
  • Further Adventures of Captain Condom
  • Also: DPN Meat Market Personals; Film Review by Guest Critis Smut Squash

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jason fritz October 8, 2012 at 3:41 pm


I’m working on a project at Berkely while completing my MFA, and doing some research on DPN and was wondering if there is an email address for Tom Ace, i would love to contact him and have not been able to locate him out here in the bay area by word of mouth…is there an email address for him?

thank you so much for this beautiful project!
all the best


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