Diseased Pariah News #5

In This Issue:

  • Who Are These Guys?
  • The Pariah’s Bookshelf: Final Exit
  • Voices from Dystopia
  • How I Got AIDS, Part V
  • Pussy
  • Examining Room Etiquette
  • Aunt Kaposi’s Advice to the Loveworn
  • Centerfold Boy Matt Chappel
  • Get Fat, Don’t Die: The Taste Challenge
  • Condom Corner: Day of the Dildoes
  • Adventures of Captain Condom
  • Back Door Boys Michael and Debbie
  • Also: Film Review with Porn Potato; DPN Meat Market Personals; DPN Resource Listing

This issue came with a 2-song Flexi Disc SONGS OF DPN, including “They’re Called Diseased Pariahs!” and “Pus (The Septic Dragon)” recorded on December 14, 1991.

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Mikki Halpin July 30, 2015 at 9:28 pm

Hiiii–It’s Mikki from Ben is Dead. THIS ZINE IS SO IMPORTANT. It was such a hilarious and sharp moment in such a sad time. Everyone must read it. Thank you for putting it online xoxoxoxoxo


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