Diseased Pariah News #7

In This Issue:

  • Page Two Boy Nick Trevor
  • Editorial: The Complete Welfare Queen
  • Pariah Chase: Hunting Serocloseted Republicans
  • SPN snubbed by (most of) the presidential candidates
  • Get Fat, Don’t Die! looks at those nasty food stains
  • Social Protocol for the Medically Indigent by Tab Lloyd
  • Haywire: Louise, the Morning After
  • An Awful Realization by Douglas Saylor
  • Buttfucking Saved My Life! A DPN Reader Profile
  • DPN Centerfold Boy Kevin Bryson
  • Gall by David Bear
  • Memoirs of a Working Boy, Part VII by Scott O’Hara
  • Further Adventures of Captain Condom
  • Recipes!

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francisco August 26, 2014 at 6:18 am

Thanks for doing this, I wrote once for this zine, I can’t recall what number, but I am waiting patiently (he he he – still a patient) to see when it comes out. Francisco


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